Thursday, August 28, 2014

Classic Whoopie Pies [Chocolate Marshmallow]

I'm sure I'm not the only one that assumed the whoopie pie was yet another sugar/butter-laden southern creation? Alas, whoopie pies are the official state treat of Maine; and are said to be a Pennsylvania Amish tradition that possibly first came about as a solution for leftover cake batter. Wherever these treats came from, their soft chocolate exterior and fluffy frosting make whoopie pies a dessert superior to cupcakes (*gasp*).

Ok, ok...I do like cupcakes, but I kind of love the cake/frosting ratio and shape (handheld!) of whoopie pies. And all the flavor options of cupcakes are STILL possible in a way less high-maintenance fashion.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Marathon Training Monday - Week 5

You know what's funny? That during a "recovery week", it feels as though my foot injury might be returning. I noticed a weird feeling in my foot again last Monday. It's not a sharp pain, throbbing or soreness, nor is it noticeably swollen. The only word I've found that's close to describing it is "strain" a muscle strain? It's really just a discernible and different feeling, but a feeling that ensured a very restful recovery week.

Monday: One hour cross-training workout (gym)
Tuesday: 1 hour run (5.75 miles)
Wednesday: 30 minute walk
1 hour run (4)
Friday: 45 minute cross-training/stretching (gym)
Saturday: 1 hour run (5.8 miles)
Sunday: Tubing on the James River


Friday, August 22, 2014

Peaches & Cream Steel Cut Oat Bowl (with Honey and Pistachios)

Happy Friday! Today I'm sharing a breakfast recipe...and it has nothing to do with eggs? Strange, considering eggs seem to be all I've been talking about lately. On days I'm not immediately starving when I wake up or running 5+ miles, I tend to stick to sweet and transportable breakfasts. In the warmer months, it's more often than not a PB&J smoothie. But when there is fresh, local fruit in my kitchen, I tend to lean towards parfaits or a variation of these steel cut oat bowls!

The list of ingredients is simple and seasonal:
Perfectly ripened South Carolina peaches
Cool plain Greek yogurt
Warm, creamy steel cut oats
A drip of coconut oil
A dash of cinnamon
A touch of honey
Crunchy, chopped pistachios or pecans

This is shockingly similar to my overnight strawberries and cream steel cut oats, but just enough different that I'm comfortable posting it ;)

Monday, August 18, 2014

Marathon Training Monday - Week 4

My calves, my butt, my hamstrings...all of them were SO SORE this past week. We're officially one month into training (and about three left to go!), so I'd say some soreness was definitely called for.

Monday: One hour SEAL Team PT workout
Tuesday: 1 hour, 15 minute run (7.8 miles)
Wednesday: 1 hour run (5.8)
Thursday: One hour SEAL Team PT workout
Friday: 40 minute yoga on own
Saturday: 2 hour run (11.5 miles)
Sunday: 1 hour gentle "restorative" yoga

TOTAL MILEAGE: 25.1 (+ 3-4 miles from SEAL Team PT workouts)
versus a total mileage of 12.1 miles three weeks ago!

Let's address this glaring no-no first: My weekly total mileage has increased very, very quickly. It's been way more than the recommended 10% increase. This is probably definitely a big reason as to why I was so sore this week, and also why I'm approaching this recovery week very enthusiastically. Up until this point, my runs have generally felt great. There's been some subtle soreness, but no building or persisting pain during runs or after. I've been careful; however, I know I could afford some more starting today. As for last week...

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Single-Layer Chocolate Zucchini Cake with Spiced Chocolate Frosting

Let me give you something simple. And chocolatey. These two things have the ability to make the world right, even if it's just for an evening.

For the past few weeks, I've just felt BUSY. I've allowed it put me in an awful mood more than once, but thankfully I think I've just about adjusted. With working out, running, going to physical therapy, going to work, making meals, entertaining, spending loads of cash, it's hard to find time to breathe, relax...and do nothing?

Truth is: I strongly dislike change, which includes adjusting to new schedules. I initially resist it, even if it's my idea in the first place! I'm guessing it's a girl thing? Playing mental games with ourselves?